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If you have been charged with domestic abuse or domestic violence, contact a lawyer for advice before making any statement to the police. Even if the person who initially called the police or filed a complaint does not want to press charges, the case will not be dismissed on that basis.

At our Philadelphia law firm, clients who are accused of domestic abuse rely on Philadelphia domestic violence defense attorney Randolph Goldman to protect their freedom.

Domestic violence charges involve the nature of the relationship between the accused and the victim. The domestic relationship may be that of husband and wife, same-sex partners, girlfriend and boyfriend, parent and child, or a child and the parent's partner. Our criminal defense lawyers represent each client with the same commitment to providing the best defense possible, regardless of the charges or the relationship.

Pennsylvania Child Abuse Lawyer

If any weapon is involved, or if there is a child in the house during an incident, more serious charges may apply. In a domestic violence case, prosecutors and the courts may be more likely to seek a jail term or impose a restraining order or other penalty if you are convicted. It is important that the defense attorney work to get charges reduced or dismissed.

Criminal charges included under domestic crimes include:

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